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We use the AthenaHealth electronic medical record system. Patients may schedule appointments, retrieve summaries of visits, enter health info, request prescriptions, get info on health topics, and more.

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Hibiscus Women’s Center is Now Part of Florida Woman Care

Dr. Mary Lynn Perry, along with all providers and staff members of Hibiscus Women’s Center, announce the joining of Florida Woman Care. Hibiscus Women’s Center providers will remain the same, and will continue to provide the same care as always. Please make sure you log into our new patient portal by clicking on the link below. We want all patients to continue to have access to communication through our office, and the previous patient portal will no longer be available. Thank you so much for your patience during our transition.

Hibiscus Women’s Center is a single-specialty practice devoted solely to women’s healthcare. We dedicate our knowledge, skill and energy to providing evidence-based, caring services to our patients.

Special Delivery! We have added two new providers to our team!

Renee Hoyle, APRN, CNM – Delivering CNM

Renee Hoyle, APRN, CNM – Delivering CNM

Renee Hoyle joined our team of delivering CNMs in November 2018. Renee received her MSN from Frontier University in July 2018 and her CNM in August 2018. Prior to coming on board with Hibiscus, Renee cared for patients as a Labor & Delivery Nurse at Holmes Regional Medical Center for 12 years. Renee specializes in prenatal, delivery and post-natal care for OB patients, and GYN contraceptive counseling and preventative care for reproductive age women.

Michelle Liddy, APRN, CNM – Office Based GYN and OB CNM

Michelle Liddy, APRN, CNM – Office Based GYN and OB CNM

Michelle Liddy joined Hibiscus as a full-time, office-based provider in December 2018. Michelle received her MSN from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. Prior to coming to Hibiscus, Michelle worked in New Jersey in private OB/GYN practices for 20+ years. Michelle specializes in: well woman gynecology for ages from puberty through post-menopause, the evaluation & treatment of gynecological conditions such as dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, menopause, post-menopausal bleeding and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. As a CNM, Michelle also has significant experience in obstetrics.

Recent News:

E.M.P.O.W.E.R This Saturday!

E.M.P.O.W.E.R This Saturday!

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Now Accepting New Patients

Now Accepting New Patients

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Evening Hours Now Available

Evening Hours Now Available

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E.M.P.O.W.E.R Event

E.M.P.O.W.E.R Event

For the first time Hibiscus Women’s Center is hosting an event called E.M.P.O.W.E.R - Education and Mentorship to Protect Our Worth in Excellence and ...

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Long Acting Birth Control For Teenagers - A Necessary New Trend

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What is a Mid Wife?

What is a Mid Wife?

A CNM is a Certified Nurse Midwife who also is an advance practice nurse practioner.  A CNM is a licensed medical professional with prescriptive author...

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Welcome to the Hibiscus Women’s Center!

We want to welcome you to the center and let you know that your health is important to us. Providing the best care for women in Melbourne, we offer numerous OB/GYN services that our clients feel confident and comfortable receiving from our long-time professionals.

Our midwifery care services are what sets us apart from the rest. Offering these services ensures that the woman is able to choose the provider she feels the most comfortable with.

Being one of the very few that offers Midwifery services in the area, we are committed to providing those women that we work with the care and compassion that they deserve.

Being in this medical industry for over 24 years, our office was started in 1995 by Rebecca Wagaman and has provided continuous, caring and compassionate support for women that choose us for their obstetric and gynecological health. We have been AIUM Certified for 8 years.

We offer OB care, GYN care, ultrasounds and much more so that every woman gets the healthcare they need and that their unborn children get the same supportive care they deserve.

Providing caring services to women in the area, we welcome only the most professional care providers because we feel that every woman should have a place, they feel comfortable visiting.


OBGYN care is provided through our office, allowing everyone to have the essential care they need. Whether you’re seeing the provider for prenatal or postnatal care, or for regular checkups, we can provide the care that is required.

All of the OBGYN professionals are licensed, insured and have experience providing care to women in all types of situations. OBGYN’s are medical doctors that are trained to provide care for more complicated births and are specialized in a wide assortment of birth conditions and defects.

OB/GYN care in Melbourne can be found right here in our office using our professional providers.

Midwifery Services

Midwifery services are a type of service that is offered to women that are expecting babies. This type of service is offered through a woman that is easily able to connect with the pregnant woman, a connection and natural remedies are able to provide a smooth, relaxing childbirth experience.

Those that prefer a more holistic approach or that want a more connecting way to bond with someone that delivers your baby would choose a midwife. Midwives generally only work with low-risk women that are likely to have an easy labor and delivery.

Midwifery services are hard to come across, but here in Melbourne, you can find the best professionals in the area right here at Hibiscus Women’s Center.


Sonograms are provided in our office, as with other medical treatments, through the use of our professional sonographer, you can find out what your baby looks like, how it is developing, what gender it is and more. Providing this professional service to the women that come through our office ensures that they get the care they need without having to be sent to another facility to have these services provided.

By speaking with us about the needs that you have, you can find that we provide the care that you need through the professionals that we have in our Melbourne office.

Evidence-Based Treatments

We provide evidence-based treatments that offer women a way to get the best treatment for their particular situation. We want to provide you with the assurance of choosing our office for all of your maternity care. We invite you to use our practice for all of your midwifery, obstetrics and gynecology care needed.

You do not have to be expecting a baby to speak with us regarding care. We provide a series of other services based on reproduction, conditions, regular check-ups, birth control, and other woman-related treatments for those that may require a professional that can help. We have specialists on hand that can see women of all ages and walks of life for their female care.

We have board-certified surgeons on our team, as well as a whole staff of professionals from receptionists to billing specialists, even a phlebotomist, so you know that you’re getting the specialized care required, regardless of the needs that you have. We have tried to reach every corner to ensure that each and every area that we need to focus on has been covered.

Your Privacy and Care is Important to Us

We want every woman that speaks with us, sees us and trusts us with their care to know that we take their privacy and care to heart. We want to provide the best service possible to every single woman so that they receive the best care possible.

Every aspect of care discussed in the office is covered under the privacy laws that we have. This protects women and what they say while providing them with a safe, confidential space to seek the necessary help they need right here in our Melbourne office.

We do our best to make sure that every woman feels safe while in our office. We want you to enjoy the benefits of working with a midwife / OBGYN office and feeling like you can speak with anyone here to get the help needed and the help required through our Melbourne office.

Whether you’re expecting a new little one, or you need womanly care, we can offer a provider that is able to provide the help you need. We specialize in a wide variety of women’s services so that everyone, regardless of the issue, can visit one office for all of the help needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our office or are expecting, give our office a call. We would be more than happy to speak with you regarding the help and care we can provide. We want every woman to feel comfortable coming to us for all of the care that they need, and we can help answer any and every question you might have when choosing the best care provider.