The ultrasound tech is always pleasant and makes my session comfortable and is informative. We met Ingrid. She was very kind and calm and answered all my questions as well


Dr. Escobar has exceptional skills in communication and compassion. She clearly explained the procedure she performed, the condition she treated, as well as the subsequent lab results. She has consistently made me feel confident in her abilities, as well as making me feel well cared for and important.

Altoniece Mahabir

I had my son in 2018 and Dr. Escobar was my the physicians who I met when I started with this practice, myself and my partner was very impressed with her, she also delivered our son along with another doctor, both were so excellent with my healthcare needs.


I wanted to give a big thank you to the Hibiscus team who took such wonderful care of us during labor and delivery. I felt like the process was a joint effort in decision making and I so appreciate that. I felt very confident in delivering a safe and healthy baby.


Thank you so much for all you did for me through out my pregnancy and delivery. We are so thankful for everyone and your help to bring our baby boy into the world. THANK YOU.


Dr. Perry's dedication to providing the best possible outcome for me and my child was unreal. I was not an easy case, and most OBs would have likely gone straight to surgical intervention. Your innovative approach, trust in my body, and encouragement provided me the most positive birth experience possible. You do amazing things for you patients and my little family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kim Bond

I was recommended to Hibiscus by several friends of mine back in 2017 when I became pregnant with my daughter. Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming. Kathleen Johnson delivered my daughter. My experience with her was nothing short of amazing. She listened to all of our concerns and didn't try to force anything we weren't comfortable with. On a bonus now, Kathleen's sister was my L&D nurse through most of the day. The two of them grew up on the same street as my husband. Couldn't speak more highly of the staff here.

Jessica Reed

I will be forever thankful Dr. Perry was my doctor during my pregnancy. Being unexpectedly pregnant at 40, I was so concerned and scared. Dr. Perry and the staff at HWC made me feel at ease and took excellent care of me and my baby. All my questions were answered and I never felt rushed. Dr. Perry is a wonderful professional, caring and supportive. Since I had a complicated previous labor, she went above and beyond to take care for my health and assure me a smooth pregnancy. She was there for every step during labor and delivery, making me feel calm and safe. She delivered my baby girl and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Amber Oliveras

HWC was absolutely amazing throughout my whole pregnancy & making me feel taken care of & that my delivery expectations and wishes were what I wanted. Roxanna was amazing for my delivery. She is so encouraging and amazing at what she does. I will be coming back to HWC with every pregnancy & will always recommend them.

Candi & Jim Alexander

Wonderfully professional and compassionate care. You have set the standard very high for medical professionals in our community. Thank you all so much.

Jenni Wilbur

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this practice! I have the honor of not only working alongside these CNMs and physicians at HRMC but was blessed to have them as my providers during the birth of my third son. I can see why Dr Perry and Dr Escobar selected this group of ladies to carry on the hibiscus mission... they are incredible! From every appointment, lab, and question I had to the big delivery I felt completely at ease and comfortable! Renee was amazing during our delivery! I had choices and was walked through everything every step of the way! My family still talks about how calm natured she was yet such an amazing provider all at the same time! It was an honor to see what patients see you guys do- I’ll never be able to thank you all for your care- but I will sure try!

Carolina Juric

We had the best experience with Roxanna! We had originally planned to induce early with Roxanna and then changed our mind but then our little one decided to come that day anyways. We were so happy we were able to deliver with Roxanna. She made the whole experience amazing. The delivery process went so smoothly. There were times I forgot to push because we were all so deep in conversation. It was great. My husband loved how hands on he was able to be with the delivery. She included him in the whole experience and he loved every second of it. All the staff at hibiscus were amazing and we plan on delivering all our future kids with them as well!


Ann delivered my sweet girl & before she walked into the room I was shaking and nervous. The second she came in and started talking I was relaxed and confident. I had a great delivery with no issues and my entire family was grateful for her. Roxanna checked on me in mother baby and was so so sweet. I came half way through my pregnancy from a different doctor in Orlando that made me feel scared but from the minute I got to Hibiscus they made me comfortable.


I can't say in words how grateful I am to Roxanna and all the hibiscus team. You guys made me feel save and comfortable during my entire pregnancy. During my delivery Roxanna was amazing she walked though all that was going on, and when my baby was transfer to Orlando she held my hand and comforted me. I will be eternally grateful to all of you for the care you gave me and my baby. I have a Proud Hibiscus Baby.

Alexandra Aguiar

I am currently in my 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy with Hibiscus. They have both been amazing experiences with the kind, caring staff. I feel like a person here and not just a number. It is a great feelin to have such confidence in this medical team. Thank you all so much for everything you do! You go above and beyond "health care" and is it so wonderful to be a patient here.

Beth Robinson

This was my 5th delivery and my other four were with MDs. The holistic approach of the Mid Wife Roxanna was completely different and made a world of difference in the recovery.

Megan Newell

Hibiscus exceeded any expectation I could’ve possibly had. From my very first appointment to labor and delivery. I am thrilled with my choice to go with this practice. I loved all the midwives, was never rushed with any appointment and genuinely felt like they all cared about me, my son, and my wishes. All of the nurses were so sweet and caring at each appointment. Dr. Escobar and Dr. Perry were both amazing and supportive. Roxana delivered my son and I am so blessed by the experience she provided both my husband and I with. She made sure we were comfortable the entire labor. I will stick with Hibiscus for all of my needs- pregnant or not. Thank you Hibiscus!


I am so thankful for the care I received at Hibiscus! I was well taken care of by all of the staff leading up to my delivery and especially during my delivery. Renee was extremely caring and thorough during and after my delivery. Hibiscus was supportive and encouraging of my wishes to do a natural childbirth and did not push for any unnecessary interventions. Overall, my experience was beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for better care!

danielle rose

If you are looking for a great women's center this is the best place to be. We had the sweetest lady's and the best care.

Megan Greco

I can’t say enough wonderful things about doctor Perry and mid wives at hibiscus I never felt rushed at appointments and all my questions were answered and concerns put to rest. I was overwhelmed by the kindness and caring nature of the staff. I had a c section and doctor Perry did a wonderful job. Def worth the hour drive from Vero Beach !! Thank you for everything


Im very grateful in the care I received at HWC. In 2015, they delivered my first born. I was in great hands and trusted the midwives at Hibiscus, that I decided to have them deliver my second baby. The office staff is very friendly, caring and professional. Never once did my appointment had to be rescheduled. They offered a flexible schedule with evening hours. The office always had more than one midwife seeing patients making more appointments available. Renee delivered my baby girl and made sure that I was as ease by explaining everything along the way. I felt safe and couldn't have asked for a better delivery. I would highly recommend the ladies at Hibiscus Women's Center.

Tiffany Graham

Upon transferring to HWC at 8 months pregnant, I realized that I was missing out on five star patient care all along. I am 33 years young and have never experienced the overall care that I have encountered at HWC. From calling in to make my new patient appointment to the birth of my fourth and last child, I could not praise this office and clinical staff enough for making me feel comfortable through it all. I highly recommend switching to this practice/becoming a new patient to experience the high level of quality care for yourself. Thank you Dr. Perry, Renee Hoyle, ARNP and staff for making me feel special at each visit. I’m proud to say that I am a happy patient of Hibiscus Women’s Center!


Dr. Perry delivered my second baby with a scheduled C-section. It was a great experience from beginning to end. I never waited for an appointment and was always treated with kindness. I was referred because of their clinical reputation and was highly impressed myself. If you are looking for an ob/gyn that has great bedside manner and clinical skills this is the place to go.


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