Collecting Donations for Brevard County Schools

I recently met with representatives from many of our schools in Brevard County. This was a great way to connect with our community and learn about the needs of our local students. This was both an enjoyable and eye opening experience. I learned the clinics are in desperate need of supplies for their clinics, especially sanitary napkins for the young women. Some of the girls in these schools don't get the supplies needed from home for their menstrual cycles, and can only get it from school. Every girl deserves to have their basic needs met. I decided that we need to help fill this need in our community.

I started a drive to collect sanitary napkins, female underware, cosmetic bags (to conceal the sanitary napkins) and basic first aid supplies to our local schools. This will be an ongoing collection so we can continue to support the schools through out the year. All supplies can be dropped at our main location and we will distribute to our schools. We will double the amount of supplies that are donated to our office. Our goal is to collect over 20,000 items before the end of the year. 

If you would like to donate:

330 E. Hibiscus Blvd

Melbourne, FL 32901

Susy Prohaska, Practice Administrator