Prenatal Courses 

Properly preparing for the birth of your baby starts with planning and purposeful study, especially during these times of extreme caution and uncertainty. Because we want to keep our patients informed and up to date, we have moved all our classes to a virtual setting! Enrich your childbirth and postpartum experience with our LIVE, INTERACTIVE, RELEVANT and ENGAGING virtual classes! They are not pre-recorded and the content is the same as our in-person courses. You’ll be able to talk with our seasoned educator, interact with attendees and get your questions answered. Since these classes are virtual, you can invite your pregnant friends (no matter where they live) to join you! Before your class starts, we will mail you our curriculum.

To register, please call  321-724-2229 ex. 229

Childbirth Education

              January 8th                   9am-2pm (Virtual)              

                     January 8th & 9th           2:30pm-6:30pm (Live In-Person)

  February 12th                12pm-5pm (Virtual)

            February 26th & 27th      1pm-5pm (Live In-Person)

 March 26th                    12pm-5pm (Virtual)

            March 12th & 13            12pm-5pm (Live In-person)

                April 9th                       12pm-5pm (Virtual)                

          April 23rd & 30th           1pm-5pm (Live In-person

  May 14th                       12pm-5pm (Virtual)

           May 28th & 29th            1pm-5pm (Live In-person)

  June 11th                      12pm-5pm (Virtual)

         June 25th & June 26        1pm-5pm (Live In-person)


Baby Care

January 5th                  6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

           January 13th                 6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

February 10th               6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

           February 24th               6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

March 24th                   6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

           March 10th                   6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

April 7th                       6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

           April 28th                     6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

May 12th                      6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

           May 26th                      6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

June 9th                       6:30pm-9pm (Virtual)

            June 23rd                     6:30pm-9pm (Live In-person)

Sibling Class

None currently scheduled

*VBAC preparation courses are offered upon request*

Please contact Lydia Baker at if you have any questions about course content

Baby Care Class Reviews

"All topics were helpful. Lydia spent a lot of time on topics most attendees wanted to learn about."

Prepared Childbirth Class Reviews

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Properly preparing for major life events requires plannning and purposeful study. Bringing a new life into the world should be no exception! Enrich your childbirth and postpartum experience with education using relevant, current information taught by our seasoned educator. Childbirth  Learn how the labor/birth process works, how to cope with the challenges of labor, what your pain relief options are, and other labor and birth...