2024 Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes at Hibiscus Women's Center

Properly preparing for major life events requires planning and purposeful study. Bringing a new life into the world should be no exception! Enrich your childbirth and postpartum experience with education using relevant, current information taught by our seasoned educator. 

Virtual classes- These classes are LIVE, INTERACTIVE, RELEVANT and ENGAGING! They are not pre-recorded, and the content is the same as our in-person courses. You'll be able to talk with our educator, interact with attendees, and get your questions answered. Since these classes are virtual, you can invite your pregnant friends to join you (no matter where they live)! Before your class starts, you can pick up or we will mail your curriculum. 

Childbirth- Learn how the labor/birth process works, how to cope with the challenges of labor, breathing and comfort techniques, what your pain relief options are, inductions, cesareans, and postpartum recovery. We will also review up-to-date COVID-19 precautions and hospital policies. 

Baby Care- Learn about feeding techniques and options, newborn appearances, proper hygiene, umbilical cord and circumcision care, calming techniques, establishing healthy sleep habits, tips on navigating through the "baby blues" and how to help understand your baby's needs. 

Call 432-724-2229 ex 229 to register. 

$100 - Childbirth- In person 

$80- Childbirth- Virtual 

$40- Baby care- Virtual and In-person