November 20, 2015

Hysteroscopic Sterilization (Essure)


Permanent sterilization can be performed in the office using the “Essure” procedure. Small, flexible coils are placed into the tubal openings under direct visualization using a long, narrow tube attached to a camera (hysteroscope).

The process is usually quick and painless when performed under conscious IV sedation. Scar tissue grows into the coils over several months, providing effective, irreversible contraception.

Tubal occlusion must be confirmed by x-ray (hysterosalpingogram) before Essure is relied upon for birth control, but failures are less than 1% if protocols are followed.

The FDA is currently performing “post-marketing” reviews of the procedure to determine if there are ways to further decrease the already-low complication rates.

Drs. Perry and Escobar have performed many Essure procedures since it was released in 2002 and continue to believe it offers the safest available alternative for permanent sterilization for women.



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