January 25, 2016

Are we the right Obstetric Group for you?

  • We provide evidence-based medical care in a hospital setting.
  • We do not claim to be able to create a “home birth” experience. We do claim to provide the best experience possible while working toward the goal of a safe birth.
  • Our Certified Nurse Midwives provide bedside midwifery care and support during labor. We minimize interventions, but we DO intervene when indicated.
  • We recommend induction when women are more than a week overdue.
  • We recommend early ultrasound to date the pregnancy, even when insurance may not cover it.
  • We encourage VBAC, but we offer repeat CS when the prognosis for a successful delivery declares itself to be very poor or dangerous.
  • We offer genetic screening (but do not insist patients have it done unless that’s their wish) and recommend routine tests that may provide opportunities to improve outcomes.
  • We recommend preventative care including whooping cough and flu vaccines.
  • We are not the practice for women who do not want to even be offered tests that are required by law, such as HIV testing (which may be refused, but must be offered).
  • We do not condone not doing tests that have been shown to prevent poor obstetric outcomes, such as group B streptococcus screening.
  • We will not agree to forego treatments that may prevent direct harm to an unborn fetus. For example, we do not agree to withholding medication that may protect the fetus from Rh sensitization or Group B streptococcus sepsis, both of which can be lethal.
  • We do not support withholding vitamin K, since doing so may put the newborn at risk of intracranial bleeding.


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