July 20, 2015

Hibiscus Women’s Center II, LLC

Hibiscus Women’s Center is Now Part of Florida Woman Care

Dr. Mary Lynn Perry, along with all providers and staff members of Hibiscus Women’s Center, announce the joining of Florida Woman Care. Hibiscus Women’s Center providers will remain the same, and will continue to provide the same care as always. Please make sure you log into our new patient portal by clicking on the link below. We want all patients to continue to have access to communication through our office, and the previous patient portal will no longer be available. Thank you so much for your patience during our transition.



Hibiscus Women’s Center is a single-specialty practice devoted solely to women’s healthcare.

We dedicate our knowledge, skill and energy to providing evidence-based, caring services to our patients.


 Special Delivery! We have added two new providers to our team!


Renee Hoyle, APRN, CNM – Delivering CNM

Renee Hoyle joined our team of delivering CNMs in November 2018. Renee received her MSN from Frontier University in July 2018 and her CNM in August 2018. Prior to coming on board with Hibiscus, Renee cared for patients as a Labor & Delivery Nurse at Holmes Regional Medical Center for 12 years. Renee specializes in prenatal, delivery and post-natal care for OB patients, and GYN contraceptive counseling and preventative care for reproductive age women.


Michelle Liddy, APRN, CNM – Office Based GYN and OB CNM

Michelle Liddy joined Hibiscus as a full-time, office-based provider in December 2018. Michelle received her MSN from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. Prior to coming to Hibiscus, Michelle worked in New Jersey in private OB/GYN practices for 20+ years. Michelle specializes in: well woman gynecology for ages from puberty through post-menopause, the evaluation & treatment of gynecological conditions such as dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, menopause, post-menopausal bleeding and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. As a CNM, Michelle also has significant experience in obstetrics.

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